Some Of Our Shipping Partners

Shipping & Delivery

Standard Shipping is carried by ferry, and from dispatch to landing in your shipping country, there is limited tracking information the carrier can provide. Please rest assured that your order is progressing. Depending on the ferry schedule, this process takes from 2-5 weeks. Once landed and handed over to our shipping partners for ground transportation, your tracking ID will be activated.
  Express Standard
Australia 10-25 work days 9-13 weeks

United States

10-25 work days
9-13 weeks
New Zealand
10-25 work days
9-13 weeks


8-20 work days 3-6 weeks
West Malaysia
8-20 work days
6-8 weeks

Hong Kong

N/A 5-15 work days

* In case you want to ship to countries not listed above, please talk to our service agent directly. 
* As we progressively move into the Christmas and busy holiday season, our order volume increases further with lead times lengthened. Occasionally an additional 1 to 4 weeks extra lead time may be added to your order, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. 

Shipping Options:

We offer both express shipping and standard shipping, which you can choose at checkout page. Due to size restriction, express shipping might not be available for all products or in certain countries. 

Parcel Tracking

Before dispatch, COZYMATIC will carefully check and pack your product, and this process might take up to 5 weeks. Dispatch is included in delivery lead time, and once it is handed cover to COZYMATIC's delivery partners, your order will become trackable and tracking link will be sent by email or sms. Therefore don't worry in case you only receive order confirmation email since we are preparing your parcel for see more