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We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Virtual Services! It's now easier than ever to receive aid without traveling.

Our team of designers, contractors, and artisans has over 15 years of experience in interior design. We can help you design a new bathroom or clear your entire home.

Why Choose Cozymatic?

The world in your hands

The designer style uses high-quality raw wood from the source factory. This wood's growth cycle is at least 8 years. Ecology is important to cozymatic.

Expertise in mass production

With 96 processing processes and highly flexible production lines, Precision production is enabled by three-pronged automation, informationization, and process refinement.

What we can help?

Product sourcing

We can create variable order volumes at the most competitive price, whether it is a ready-to-order product from our catalog or a basic design draft.

Wholesale and reselling business

Whether you're a reseller or a designer, we're committed to expanding your client base via our network. We will generate a unique trading code with a dedicated service manager.

Procurement of large volumes

For procurement over 3000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies), we will offer bespoke services to your needs, including specific invoice and payment terms and procurement discount.




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