Assembly Information

To minimise the hassle, COZYMATIC will fully assemble or assemble the main part at dispatch. Yet in order to offer the lowest prices possible, and so that your furniture arrives damage-free, some of the items available at COZYMATIC will require assembly of different levels. Assembly requirement has been addressed at description of each product detail page. There are in total four levels of assembly. 

No Assembly Required

Generally "No Assembly Required" means that the product comes fully assembled in the box, but products with this notation may require very light assembly such as screwing in legs on a sofa or dresser, or installing drawer pulls that are left off for safety during transport. Most items require some level of unboxing, including rolled rugs and mattresses that may need time to expand. Items with this notation should not require more than one simple step.

Minimal Assembly Required

Items with a "Minimal" assembly notation typically require light assembly of a few parts, or in some cases, full assembly that is only a few easy steps. Minimal assembly would normally take less than 15 minutes to perform.

Partial Assembly Required

Items denoted as assembly "Required" typically need more extensive assembly, often requiring the use of tools. Most items for which a special tool is needed, such as a wrench. These items may take the average customer anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to assemble, depending on your experience.

Full Assembly Required

Products labeled with "Full Assembly Required" will be delivered flat-packed and will require complete assembly. An average customer with minimal furniture assembly experience can expect to spend 30 minutes or longer to assemble these pieces. Specialized tools (such as a cordless screwdriver), while not necessary, may be very helpful. 

Assembly Service On Demand(Hong Kong Only)

Cozymatic partners with experienced assemblers and offers furniture assembly services in Hong Kong.

Please check the conditions of the product before requiring an assembly visit. In case of product damage, please contact customer service for replacement. If assembly cannot be accomplished due to buyer's failure in identifying product damage, the assembly visit cost will still be billed to the buyer, and cozymatic will offer a replacement for the damaged part. If the assembly cannot be accomplished due to damaged caused by the assembler's misconduct, cozymatic will arrange a replacement and follow-up revisit. 

Hong Kong: Assembly fee of the first item is fixed at 300 HKD. Extra 50 HKD will be charged for every additional piece.

Please contact WhatsApp +852-68840115, or for scheduling. 

Kindly note that the assembler is not directly employed by Cozymatic, his option or action out of assembly service is not authorized by Cozymatic. In case of any product damage due to assembly, please come to our customer service directly.